Frequently Asked Questions

Why engagement Marketing?

Although today’s technology keeps advancing and becoming easier and easier for consumers to purchase with the click of the button, research shows that approximately 75% of consumers prefer actual human interaction. While demand from consumers withstands, engagement marketing will continue to endure and generate the best ROI.

Who's engagement marketing for?

Engagement marketing has no restrictions on who uses it. Engagement marketing can be utilized by any brand that wants to market a product.

What's Business-to-business promotions?

Business-to-Business promotion is a form of direct marketing. We take our client’s services and products to possible customers in a business locating. We utilize business-to-business promotions for certain clients needs.

What's in-store promotions?

In-Store promotions involve marketing to consumers at places with high foot traffic. By going directly to consumers where they shop, we are able to have the conversation with them in-store, demonstrate the product, have a presentation, and put together specific packages to fit their needs.

What's street promotions?

A street promotion is teams of brand ambassadors in areas with high foot traffic in order to pass out promotional items including flyers, discounts, coupons, and other marketing material which will stimulate interest with the objective to captivate consumers to an event set up elsewhere.